SAve Time

Our solution improves customers’ processing fluency and understanding. This saves you and your customers time.

Increase Sales

Our solution increases customer engagement and advice-taking. This increases sales.

iimprove Relationships

Our solution fosters customer rapport, customer satisfaction, and ultimately loyalty. 

What We Do

Using our unique expertise in consumer psychology, data science, and technology, we help you say what you want to say – in a way that resonates with your recipient(s). Depending on your unique needs, our solution offers different steps to improve your communication, ranging from style checks or the pairing communication partners up to an automated style optimization.

Style Analysis

Conversations (e.g. between service agents and customers) are processed so that our algorithm can read them. Our algorithm uses this data to create individual style profiles for customers, service agents and other communication units. This style check can can help you understand how integrated and fitting your communications with customers are.

Style Matching

Our algorithm uses the style profiles to calculate a matching score between (possible) conversation partners. The score indicates how well their styles match. Based on the score, eloqify then identifies  the agent, sales representative, or influencer that has the best fit to communicate with a particular customer or segment. This style matching can help you route customers more effectively. 

Style Optimization

Based on the calculated style profiles and the matching scores, eloqify shows you how to best communicate with others. Our style optimizer algorithm automatically rephrases what you want to say so it fits the style and preference of your recipient(s). This style optimization can help you formulate e-mails or automated messages in the customer’s style.   

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Our Work in Numbers

We love data and data-driven decisions. Here are some numbers about us to help you get a better picture of our work.



Conversational Intelligence meets Social Media

In a joint project with social media agency Picstars, eloqify has examined the impact of conversational style matching on followers’ engagement with paid and organic posts. We show: communication in style pays off!


Influencers have a unique conversational style when they interact with their followers.


A brand’s unique conversational style often makes its way into influencers’ paid posts.


When influencers use a style that matches their organic posts, follower engagement is up by more than 21%. In short, conversational authenticity drives engagement!


Brands should work with influencers that also have a high conversational style match with their unique brand style or allow influencers to use their authentic style in paid posts.

Customer Service &
Client Care

Communicate in a way that is easy to understand

Every person communicates differently. We help you communicate with your customers in a way that they can easily follow. Our work shows, matching conversational styles in such a way can reduce handle times in a call center by 20%.

Communicate in a way that resonates 

Every influencer has their unique way to express themselves on social media. We help influencers and brands engaging them to communicate authentically in paid posts. Our work shows, matching conversational styles to influencers authentic style can increase user engagement with paid posts by more than 21%.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Advertising & Sales

Communicate in a way that grabs Attention

We live in a world with an overflow of information and offers. We help companies create effective marketing communications that get attention and trust. Our work shows, matching conversational styles increases acceptance of advice of an automated sales agent by 8% and greatly reduces the cost-per-click of online ads. 

Who We Are

We are rethinking marketing communications through science-backed analytics and data-driven insights that help companies communicate with their customers in style.

Anne Scherer

Anne is the head of business development at eloqify. She currently also holds a position as Assistant Professor of Quantiative Marketing at the University of Zurich. Her work has been featured in leading scientific journals as well as in major media outlets. Her 2020  TEDxTalk on our conversations with machines has received over 1.8 Million views.

Sandro Arnet

Sandro is the head of product & tech at eloqify. He is an expert in computational linguistics and advanced data analytics. Sandro received his B.Sc. in mechanical engineering and his M.Sc. in management from ETH Zurich. He is currently finishing up his PhD from ETH’s Technology Marketing Group on the topic of conversational analytics & design.